Do you offer a money back warranty?

Sure, why not. If you don’t think this changes your life I’ll refund your money. Give it 60 days, do the exercises and if it doesn’t work, I’ll refund your money. You know what? If after 60 days you still don’t see any change I’ll personally give you a call and try to help you in the following 30 days. If that still doesn’t help. I’ll give you a double refund just because I’ve wasted your time.

Why men only?

Men and women work differently. My goal was to develop an inner circle of highly motivated guys. We might get together for a live conference once a year. Wouldn't it be amazing just have a group of guys that are straight talkers and you don’t have to figure out what they mean when they say something? :) All joking aside. This is a men only club.

How fast can I see results?

That’s a tough one. My goal and commitment is to set very clear goals, to reach them and go beyond as fast as possible. There are three different packages fast, faster and the fastest. Guess which one will speed the process up the most? It all depends on you. I can share the latest and best weight loss tricks but if you keep stuffing those Boston creams at 10pm then we will probably have some glitches.

Is it life coaching?

Not at all. There are many great life coaches out there, I’m not one of them. They are great for certain people and do not work for others. Xanadu Code is for you if you have tried everything out there and can not find real genuine satisfaction in your life. XANADU CODE a physical, emotional, mental, spiritual journey to empower you to find your own personal sanctuary, build it and maintain it.

Why is there an application process for the ‘Fastest’ option?

Honestly, I only want to work with winners. My time is very valuable and I love spending time with my wife and three kids. I don’t have time to fool around and probably if you are the person we are looking for, then you don’t either. I want to win with you. I want to see you succeed and be your personal best like never before. I cannot work with know-it-all complainers. 11 out of 12 businesses fail. I need that 1 out of 12 that has the guts to stick to it no matter what. Winners, not whiners will change the world.