Finding Your Xanadu

Don’t go it alone.
Executives today rely on the expertise and support of an executive coach to help them be the best example of leadership. Leaders who bring in a top coach boast significant increases:
✓Organizational strength by 48%
✓Productivity by 53%
✓Job satisfaction by 61%
✓Teamwork by 67%
✓Working relationships by 77%
✓In fact, high level executive coaching has been shown to yield an ROI of over 570%.

What I have experienced in my years as a business consultant for high level organizations is those who sit at the top find themselves in a very lonely place. There are some companies where it is an overnight success and an overnight disappointment, but I have also spoken with many individuals who have fought 20-30 years to get their success only to find absolute misery. Chris Sajnog, retired Navy SEAL, teaches that “mediocrity is a disease.” And that kind of disease spreads as quickly as any rampant virus, contaminating everyone in its path.

Failure is a constant fear hanging over our heads and the truth is that success does not come without a heavy dose of frustration, disappointment and failure. Striving for humility and encouraging others and leading by example; showing that you’re not only capable of mastering skills but that your heart is in it and that the love that you feel for the team that you work with supersedes all else results in a concert of sacrifice and service that opens the gates of Xanadu. We teach a concept called “Rich but Miserable,” built around the sad fact that so many successful people find themselves so disillusioned once they obtain their goal. Xanadu enables us to be excellent and dwell in peace simultaneously.

Today’s smartest and most successful executives thrive because of their secret weapons: objective mentors. These experts are sought for their ability to view and facilitate solutions to many issues facing the executive. Utilizing the talent and knowledge of these outside experts gives an advantage over their competition by adding a birds-eye view to the organizational leadership.
The brain trust formed by internal and external experts allow leaders to work teams at their best, working collaboratively to solve the most challenging problems, building teamwork, and increasing productivity. This use of agile talent keeps the team nimble and encourages closer relationships internally.

Vivek Wadhwa said “A key to achieving success is to assemble and stable management team.” Xanadu is not something that can be achieved alone. To accept this as truth puts you one step closer to finding your inner happiness.