The “C” Word

I was re-introduced to the religion that I hated the most – and despised their followers the most – in a very real way. It was Christianity. The dreaded ‘C’ word, yes! But this time it was with logic, facts, sheer data. I’m an engineer and a business man. That approach was very appealing to me. It was a four months intense soul-searching journey. Still, I was trapped in my vices and unable to give them up until I challenged God to take away my addictions. I quit smoking, drinking, drugs and womanizing overnight and have never looked back. Lest you think this was an easy feat, it might be interesting to share here that at the time, I owned the most popular and edgy night club in Budapest, and I definitely enjoyed the offerings at least as much as our clientele. But still, no cravings, all gone overnight; this was my own personal miracle. Wherever your miracles come from, I wish you to joy of healing and the freedom of finding your own Xanadu.

The Xanadu Code is the culmination of the knowledge gained through my research and my life experiences. It is an integrated performance based approach to empower business leaders with strength to balance intense demands with the personal, psychological, and physiological needs to continue to function at the highest levels. These principles come from decades of work on four continents and over thirty different countries, with very different cultures. They work.

Through our proprietary process, we assess your strengths, talents, values, vision, frustrations, obstacles, and intentions. The Xanadu Code offers business executives and owners a safe place to grow, learn, and rejuvenate. Through our carefully guided process, we develop a personalize path to Xanadu, your very own sanctuary. Our commitment is to provide hands-on tools to claim the sanctuary that will enable you to work to your highest potential without risking burnout. Xanadu Code is based on a network of business, health, psychological, and motivational experts to support your path to sanctuary.

Xanadu Code is the key to peace and prosperity in a chaotic world. It is not a regular self-help mumbo jumbo, neither is a life coaching class. This is for those men (yes, only males) who are highly successful in their business, but unable to find the peace they crave. If this sounds like you, I know how you feel. You are not alone. You are not going crazy. Don’t worry. The failure of traditional coaching, guruing, patronizing, call it whatever you want is that it is only dealing with one area of your life. That leads to conflict in another one. You are not three different men. You are not one dad, one husband and one boss. You are you! Xanadu Code will teach you how to get back in the driver seat over your body, soul and spirit.

Are You Ready?