Finding Your Xanadu

Don’t go it alone.
Executives today rely on the expertise and support of an executive coach to help them be the best example of leadership. Leaders who bring in a top coach boast significant increases:
✓Organizational strength by 48%
✓Productivity by 53%
✓Job satisfaction by 61%
✓Teamwork by 67%
✓Working relationships by 77%
✓In fact, high level executive coaching has been shown to yield an ROI of over 570%.

What I have experienced in my years as a business consultant for high level organizations is those who sit at the top find themselves in a very lonely place. There are some companies where it is an overnight success and an overnight disappointment, but I have also spoken with many individuals who have fought 20-30 years to get their success only to find absolute misery. Chris Sajnog, retired Navy SEAL, teaches that “mediocrity is a disease.” And that kind of disease spreads as quickly as any rampant virus, contaminating everyone in its path.

Failure is a constant fear hanging over our heads and the truth is that success does not come without a heavy dose of frustration, disappointment and failure. Striving for humility and encouraging others and leading by example; showing that you’re not only capable of mastering skills but that your heart is in it and that the love that you feel for the team that you work with supersedes all else results in a concert of sacrifice and service that opens the gates of Xanadu. We teach a concept called “Rich but Miserable,” built around the sad fact that so many successful people find themselves so disillusioned once they obtain their goal. Xanadu enables us to be excellent and dwell in peace simultaneously.

Today’s smartest and most successful executives thrive because of their secret weapons: objective mentors. These experts are sought for their ability to view and facilitate solutions to many issues facing the executive. Utilizing the talent and knowledge of these outside experts gives an advantage over their competition by adding a birds-eye view to the organizational leadership.
The brain trust formed by internal and external experts allow leaders to work teams at their best, working collaboratively to solve the most challenging problems, building teamwork, and increasing productivity. This use of agile talent keeps the team nimble and encourages closer relationships internally.

Vivek Wadhwa said “A key to achieving success is to assemble and stable management team.” Xanadu is not something that can be achieved alone. To accept this as truth puts you one step closer to finding your inner happiness.

The “C” Word

I was re-introduced to the religion that I hated the most – and despised their followers the most – in a very real way. It was Christianity. The dreaded ‘C’ word, yes! But this time it was with logic, facts, sheer data. I’m an engineer and a business man. That approach was very appealing to me. It was a four months intense soul-searching journey. Still, I was trapped in my vices and unable to give them up until I challenged God to take away my addictions. I quit smoking, drinking, drugs and womanizing overnight and have never looked back. Lest you think this was an easy feat, it might be interesting to share here that at the time, I owned the most popular and edgy night club in Budapest, and I definitely enjoyed the offerings at least as much as our clientele. But still, no cravings, all gone overnight; this was my own personal miracle. Wherever your miracles come from, I wish you to joy of healing and the freedom of finding your own Xanadu.

The Xanadu Code is the culmination of the knowledge gained through my research and my life experiences. It is an integrated performance based approach to empower business leaders with strength to balance intense demands with the personal, psychological, and physiological needs to continue to function at the highest levels. These principles come from decades of work on four continents and over thirty different countries, with very different cultures. They work.

Through our proprietary process, we assess your strengths, talents, values, vision, frustrations, obstacles, and intentions. The Xanadu Code offers business executives and owners a safe place to grow, learn, and rejuvenate. Through our carefully guided process, we develop a personalize path to Xanadu, your very own sanctuary. Our commitment is to provide hands-on tools to claim the sanctuary that will enable you to work to your highest potential without risking burnout. Xanadu Code is based on a network of business, health, psychological, and motivational experts to support your path to sanctuary.

Xanadu Code is the key to peace and prosperity in a chaotic world. It is not a regular self-help mumbo jumbo, neither is a life coaching class. This is for those men (yes, only males) who are highly successful in their business, but unable to find the peace they crave. If this sounds like you, I know how you feel. You are not alone. You are not going crazy. Don’t worry. The failure of traditional coaching, guruing, patronizing, call it whatever you want is that it is only dealing with one area of your life. That leads to conflict in another one. You are not three different men. You are not one dad, one husband and one boss. You are you! Xanadu Code will teach you how to get back in the driver seat over your body, soul and spirit.

Are You Ready?

Unplug And Recharge

Most people who dream of becoming self-employed desire the freedom and flexibility that comes with not having to work for someone else. While they most likely love what they do and may start out with some solid boundaries for work-life balance, the responsibilities that come with running a growing business can erode that freedom and flexibility. When people put their hearts and souls into building their businesses, it can be a very difficult transition to trust employees to be left alone to do what they have been hired to do. 83% of small business owners needed help from friends, family and community last year to keep their doors open. 38% required loans to continue operating and 53% relied on the goodwill of family to help them run the business. In the balance hangs the ability of these same businesses of which 52% anticipate revenue growth and 55% who plan to expand their business, while only 25% plan to hire more support to maintain these ambitious goals.

We are concerned to know that 90% of CEOs continue to miss out on major opportunities for profit and growth because they are unaware of or unprepared for them. In my experience, I have witnessed far too many very smart business owners choose to gain their lessons through hard, costly personal trials. Our hope is that we can save you some of the time and frustration that we have witnessed, so that you have the focus, the energy and the capacity to grab hold of the best that is in front of you, for yourself, your family, your employees, and your business, so that you are even better prepared to advance business success.
There are three major obstacles that hold businesses back:

1. Failure to anticipate the road ahead:
Despite 79% of today’s top executives identifying adaptability as the only way to overcome business challenges, less than 1/3 of entrepreneurs have the resources to see either threats or prospects on the horizon.

2. Lack of follow-through:
The state of overwhelm catching so many business people off guard leaves more than half of business owners concerned that they are making poor decisions, either making the wrong decision or making the right decision too late.

3. Fear:
Business is a scary place to be right now. 55% of entrepreneurs say they are so concerned about losing their business completely, they adopt an overly cautious approach that makes them indecisive.

Despite so many challenges, determined executives and business owners battle on. They do not give up in the face of economic devastation and their own declining health.

Fatigue could result in extreme sleepiness and loss of situational awareness, which may impact all levels of mission readiness, August 14, 2012, Joint-Base Langley-Eustis, Va. (U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Krystie Martinez/Released)

The Japanese have studied this occurrence for many years. Karoshi, Japanese term for death by overwork, is a result of cortisol overload, which has the potential to increase cardiovascular disease by 50%. characterized by overproduction of cortisol, a hormone that can result in a 50% increase in the likelihood of cardiovascular disease. The good news is there are proven formulas that can empower you to take back control of your energy and find both the performance and the sanctuary needed for you to find both success and happiness.