Origins Of Xanadu

What exactly is Xanadu? Well webster’s defines it as: an idyllic, exotic, or luxurious place. However, they type of Xanadu we are talking about is so much more than just a place, it’s a state of being. A mindset. A way of life.
Genghis Khan and his grandson Kubla Khan carried the heavy burdens of leadership, relying on a system of rejuvenation through sanctuary to maintain their ferocity and strength. The development of a sanctuary, a Xanadu to borrow the phrase from Kubla Khan and Samuel Taylor Coleridge, made world domination over many generations a reality and provides today’s business executives with a pattern to achieve and enjoy immense triumph.
The challenges faced by leaders in today’s world would make anyone want to run for a sanctuary… to retreat from the madness. However, for us to progress, for our leaders to fulfill their potential and protect and guide our society, battles must be waged and won, with the Xanadu, the sanctuary, used as a tool for renewal, as a way to recharge and succeed. I have had the great fortune to stand on the shoulders of giants, giants in business, giants in spirituality, giants in wisdom. It is my hope to share some of these lessons and make clear the path to a sanctuary to which you might lay claim.
Only by finding relief in his summer palace, Xanadu, was Khan able to maintain his long, successful reign.
How then, would a modern-day conqueror, a successful businessperson, a leader, maintain their own dynasties without a similar sanctuary?
When our true self and our external self are in harmony, when we balance the demands and the nourishment needed to meet those demands, we find our Xanadu, and we finally come to the point where we can enjoy the bounty of our labors. Xanadu Code, Reclaiming your Path to Passion, Purpose, Power and Peace is a labor of love and concern for the most critical leaders, tasked with shaping and growing our economy, finding new and better ways to conduct business, generally solving the world’s problem one piece at a time. It is the modern heroes, the modern warriors of the business world for whom this book is written and dedicated, with the hope that all who seek shall find the peace that may be had when Xanadu is found.
The entire premise of the Xanadu Code, created as a culmination of decades of experience guiding top leaders, is to identify the best practices of top leaders in their fields and replicate those practices that empower without debilitating. We have learned there are three types of people: those who wish for success, those who work for and achieve success, and those who must share their knowledge once success has been achieved. My mission is to expedite the journey to Xanadu, where success and contentment can coexist. My passion is enabling leaders, business owners, entrepreneurs, geniuses like yourself to experience the joys that success should yield.