Impossible Dreams and the Code that May be Able to Make Them Come True

Did you see the just released Bank of America Report on Small Business Owners?

83% of small business owners needed help from friends, family and community last year to keep their doors open. 38% required loans to continue operating and 53% relied on the good will of family to help them run the business.

In the balance hangs the ability of these same businesses of which 52% anticipate revenue growth and 55% who plan to expand their business, while only 25% plan to hire more support to maintain these ambitious goals.

Business owners and high level executives today suffer physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually trying to succeed in what feels like a never ending rat race. 78% complain of unmanageable levels of stress and stress related illnesses.

Built around 1252 AD, Xanadu was the sanctuary for the conquering Kubla Khan, the place where chaos, violence, and evil gave way to peace, harmony and productivity. For hundreds of years, the Xanadu, described by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, was thought to be a myth until archaeologists discovered the ruins of the sacred sanctuary where art and culture thrived, new ideas were sought, and peace reigned supreme.

The Xanadu Code is the definitive guide for businesspersons to carve out their own personal Xanadu, escaping stress and embracing  the beauty and function of harmonious business practices.

To meet the demands of the seemingly impossible dream of business owners across the globe requires an unfair advantage…namely a highly qualified, highly motivational coach, whose involvement has been proven to result in increased:

  • Organizational strength by 48%
  • Productivity by 53%
  • Job satisfaction by 61%
  • Teamwork by 67%
  • Working relationships by 77%

Did you know that the typical return on investment for high level executive coaching, particularly from a faith based perspective, yields a 570% increase?

So how does one go about finding the right coach? A Harvard Business Review study ranked the top qualifications as having experience coaching in a similar and working from a clear methodology and values system that fits yours.

So where to start? The entire premise of the Xanadu Code is to identify the best practices of top leaders in their fields and replicate those practices that empower without debilitating. What are your top techniques for maxing out your productivity while maintaining a healthy life balance?

Knowledge is power. By identifying and capitalizing on proven methods to reduce stress and maximize productivity and life satisfaction, the Xanadu Code, the path to peaceful innovation and progress, becomes clear.

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