Rant for Small Business Owners

Have you heard this one yet?

A quote from an interview with the head of a growing company. Journalist asks:

– So how many employees are working in your company?

– Approximately half of them…

Small business owners just can’t seem to catch the breaks they need. The National Small Business Association (NSBA) just released the 2016 Mid-Year Economic Report, revealing to no one’s surprise that the small-business community is still in economic trouble. As an executive coach, I have to shake my head and wonder why this comes as a surprise to anyone?

Only 72% of small-business owners express a measure of confidence in the stability of their own business and the number of businesses expecting increased revenue next year continues to fall. Is it any wonder that so many executives are plagued with unmanageable levels of stress and their accompanying diseases?

One of the most overlooked strategies to maximize productivity is use of an executive coach. The unfair advantage gained by these executives is hard to dispute:

  • Increased organizational strength by 48%
  • Greater productivity by 53%
  • Higher levels of job satisfaction by 61%
  • Teamwork by 67%
  • Working relationships by 77%

The Return on Investment (ROI) of engaging in executive coaching is an astonishing 570%. Business owners and executives serve as the backbone of a global economy in trouble. We need them at their best to reclaim our hold on prosperity. At Xanadu Code, we think we have a solution that would benefit some of these hard working executives, but it won’t be a fit for everyone. We specialize, so don’t rely on just one concept… look for a coach that really gets you… that can immediately add value to your organization and peace to your life.

For hundreds of years, the Xanadu described by Samuel Taylor Coleridge was thought to be a myth until archaeologists discovered the ruins of the sacred sanctuary where art and culture thrived, new ideas were sought, and peace reigned supreme. The Xanadu Code is the definitive guide for businesspersons to carve out their own personal Xanadu, escaping stress and embracing the beauty and function of harmonious business practices.

If you find yourself too closely resembling the statistics reported by the U.S. National Small Business Association, perhaps we should talk, but perhaps not… if you like what you see at www.xanaducode.com, let’s chat.

SOURCE National Small Business Association