The Xanadu Code: The Key to Peace and Prosperity in a Chaotic World

Built around 1252 AD, Xanadu was the sanctuary for the conquering Kubla Khan, the place where chaos, violence, and evil gave way to peace, harmony and productivity.

Business owners and high level executives today suffer physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually trying to succeed in what feels like a never ending rat race. 78% complain of unmanageable levels of stress and stress related illnesses.
Everyone desiring to find their own Xanadu and maintain a successful business should have a coach. Coaches improve:

  • Organizational strength by 48%
  • Productivity by 53%
  • Job satisfaction by 61%
  • Teamwork by 67%
  • Working relationships by 77%

Did you know that the typical return on investment for high level executive coaching, particularly from a faith based perspective, yields a 570% increase?
So how does one go about finding the right coach? A Harvard Business Review study ranked the top qualifications as having experience coaching in a similar and working from a clear methodology and values system that fits yours.

For hundreds of years, the Xanadu described by Samuel Taylor Coleridge was thought to be a myth until archaeologists discovered the ruins of the sacred sanctuary where art and culture thrived, new ideas were sought, and peace reigned supreme. The Xanadu Code is the definitive guide for businesspersons to carve out their own personal Xanadu, escaping stress and embracing the beauty and function of harmonious business practices.

What practices do you use to carve your personal Xanadu while maintaining high level professionalism?