Xanadu Code

Timeless principles,
tested through work
on five continents

a clear path to happiness
for stressed out leaders

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No Joy In Your Work?
Learn the major reasons why successful leaders like you lost their joy at work and what they have done to gain it back. Top Secrets from a US Navy SEAL. (No clearance required)
No Joy In Work
Frustrated With Family?
Learn why men like yourself feel like their family is not on board with their work and how to engage them to be part of your team.
Frustrated With Family
Exhausted Physically?
Learn how to wake up rejuvenated, jump out of bed and tackle the day with mental and physical strength of a Geek god...oops I mean Greek god.
Exhausted Physically
"I just sold my business for 23.5 million dollars and I still felt like crap. I had money but no purpose in life. Meeting Zsolt changed everything. This dude rocks if you have the guts to follow what he says."
- Peter Jankins
"I was really upset when I first heard Zsolt speaking. It really bothered me what he was saying but I couldn't stop thinking about it. I called him a week later. His teachings changed my life. I am more content than ever before."
- Isaiah Blitz
"I've met Zsolt back in 2008. I was lost. Though I have reached everything I ever wanted I was so miserable, I wanted to take my life. This man helped me to become the old me again and enjoy my wife and kids again."
- Boris Kuznetsov
"You know the moment when you realize nothing has any value anymore and everything is just empty? I was there is 2015. Xanadu Code was a journey that took a lot of courage and difficult decisions, but today I am a new man. I have REAL peace, which I have never experienced before."
- Zack Thiel